Monday, September 20, 2010

Madrid ~ Spain 2010

Traveling to me is about Food, Sports, Art and Wine - Madrid has all of that!

From Spain 2010, Madrid
One night & two days in Madrid! Lets go! First stop was for Tapas

Second stop for dolce

Dolce is a must Spain 2010, Madrid

Elise and Louisa walking around the park Bosque del Recuerdo (Forest of Remembrance) & exploring

Bosque del Recuerdo (Forest of Remembrance)Spain 2010, Madrid

"The Forest of Remembrance (Spanish: Bosque del Recuerdo), formerly known as the Forest of the Departed (Bosque de los Ausentes), is a memorial garden located in the park of El Retiro in Madrid, Spain that commemorates the 191 civilian victims of the 2004 Madrid train bombings and the special forces agent who died in the attacks on 11 March 2004. The seven suicide bombers subsequently killed themselves on 3 April 2004 while under siege by security forces in their apartment block."

Jessica StockholderSpain 2010, Madrid

Art in the Park by Jessica Stockholder - This building, the Palacio de Velazques, is centrally located in the Buen Retiro Park in Madrid.  Designed by the architech Ricardo Velazquez Bosco.  Very cool stop on our urban hike!

Elise checking out living art Spain 2010, Madrid

After walking the park, we stopped at a very cool bakery called Harina. Must stop there again to eat, um, everything! (H) arina is located at Plaza de la Indenpendencia, 1028001 Madrid, Spain

Bakery Harina Spain 2010, Madrid
While eating our 20 euros of dolce, we meet a very sweet guy that told us of MUST EAT AT places in Madrid. We took notes and later got the information and addresses!

From Spain 2010, Madrid

Dinner at a place that took us 45 minutes to find, but well worth the effort. Locals only spot and very hip (was told that it was written up in the WSJ) Must ask Elise for name of restaurant am possible if she remembers what we ate!

At dinner we met a cute Spanish guy that invited us to a 40th birthday party!

From Spain 2010, Madrid

Later at the birthday party we met all the friends (all knew each other from Ibiza) - Elise and I had the best chocolate cake at this birthday party! So good... still trying (but think I may have) replicated the yum!

From Spain 2010, Madrid

Our hotel was... clean and cheap

From Spain 2010, Madrid

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