Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spain 2010 ~ Sevilla

On Saturday we packed up the villa and headed to the Barcelona airport. About an hour drive... not bad
Once in Terminal 2, I found out (but had known all along because the web site suggest this could happen) that Ryanair charges 40 euro to print out a boarding ticket & you need your ticket. So, I asked everyone in Terminal 2 to print out my ticket... no luck. I had to take a 10 minute bus ride to Terminal 1 to the business center (only 4 euros) then head back to T2. Nightmare!  My new business in the Barcelona airport ... protable printer and hang out by the Ryanair ticket stand... I´ll charge 20 euro... On the fight several gals were dress up (need to update when I'm back in US)

Lunch after biking around Sevilla
In Sevilla we rented to flats on 24 San Estaban (in the Santa Cruz area)... walked around, went shopping and had dinner alcaiza. Cute outdoors tapas, wine. Back at the flat, I had a glass of vino on our roof deck and people watched all night long. It was still very warm out... no need for a jacket here in Spain.

Door to our Flat  Spain 2010 ~ Sevilla

Sunday Sept. 12, 2010 we got up early (Tanya, Elise and I) and went for a run around the park near our flat. Parque de Maria Luisa.

Parque de Maria Luisa Spain 2010 ~ Sevilla 

After our run, I had breakfast at the flat Spain 2010 ~ Sevilla

We rush to mass at
The Cathedral of Sevilla The Cathedral of Seville is a religious building in Seville, Andalusia, southern Spain: it is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. Amelia, Elise and I went to 11am mass

After Mass photo with Jon outside  Spain 2010 ~ Sevilla

We met up with everyone after mass and walked around town, checked out shops, took a ton of photos, and visited the Plaza de Toros.  I think I will see a bullfight this evening.

Louisa, Elise & Amelie  Spain 2010 ~ Sevilla
Currently it's about 5:00PM and it's still 43 degrees out. Too hot to go anywhere...

The Bull Toro Toro Toro
We did visit the bullfighting event on Sunday night. It was about 8PM and still very light out. I thought it was all very exciting until they actually killed the bull?!?! Then cut his spinal cord. HOLY!!  I gasped "oh my God! They Killed Him" and all the men around me gave me the 'stink-eye'.  Was in need of several cocktails after viewing three more bulls being killed.  I like to think these bulls spent the first four years of their lives living the good Spanish life... the last 30 minutes looked a little painful.

My Favorite food... I think I ate three of these everyday

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