Monday, April 4, 2011

Rocketship From BRC & Urban Biking the Street of San Francisco

Here's to the most amazing explosion / take-off I've witness, ever! 2009 Burning Man, not sure what day or what time, but this Raygun Gothic Rocketship blew my mind, then it blew the f*&k up!!! Best on-screen / off-screen explosion ever! Can I just say that again! Reiteration. Better than any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie fx. I had spent about 3 months riding around Switzerland, Spain, France & Italy when I made it back to the US three days before I left for Burning Man '09. How fun to ride around the EU then hit BRC on my bike...cocktail in hand, dirty break beats in the background, and space-ships!

On April 4, 2011 I took my bike out for a short ride around the City. Left my flat on Telegraph Hill, down to the EMB, heading toward Centro on Ritch street. My fav little coffee kiosk with outside seating on a loading dock or, some would call it the entrance to my old office @ I never really stopped at the 'rocket' location in the past because prior to this retro spaceship, there was a very spooky spider called 'Crouching Spider' made by Louise Bourgeois. Spooky!

From Urban Hiking and Making iPhotos By Louisa Pickering

But today I did take a moment to 'smell the roses' or, in this case, smell the rocket fuel. Makes me happy every time I pass it, so today I stopped to check it out & take some photos.

To quote their website: "The Raygun Gothic Rocketship is a rococo retro-futurist future-rustic vernacular between yesterday’s tomorrow and the future that never was, a critical kitsch somewhere between The Moons of Mongo & Manga Nouveau."

If you want to see some really great photos, check out the the Raygun Gothic Rocket site: Photos of the Burningman 2009 site installation by NK Guy. Very cool progression from start to finish and the people involved in the project. Great site and fun edumacational stuff to read.

From Urban Hiking and Making iPhotos By Louisa Pickering
Specifications, Transportation & Installation Requirements
The rocketship stands 40′ tall.
Gross weight (excluding rocket fuel): 13,500 lbs
Heaviest single component: 4,000 lbs
Maximum width (installed): 15′
The ship travels packed neatly on a single, full size (55′) flat-bed trailer with no special permitting required.
The ship was designed for assembly with minimal heavy equipment. Actual heavy equipment needs may vary depending on the type of installation.
VR forklift
Crane with a 40′, 5 ton capacity
Boom Lift / Scissor Lift
Back-hoe / Trencher (depending on above or below-ground anchoring)
Anchor driver (depending on above or below-ground anchoring)
Outside, soft ground: 3 x 15,000 lb earth anchors, or 6 x 7,000 lb anchors
Outside, concrete or asphalt (location dependent, please inquire for details)
Interior: Location dependent, please inquire for details
The ship is designed to connect to any shipyard or space station power grid with ease.
Basic requirements include 2 x 30 AMP 110v circuits.

Then I road back to Crissy Field and took more photos - what are these weeds called? I just call them 'make a wish' weeds. Blow and wish - we'll see if it comes true!

From Urban Hiking and Making iPhotos
Next stop was windy Ocean Beach. Nothing but Kiteboarding and seagulls and lots of wind

From Urban Hiking and Making iPhotos
Finally, on my way back to the flat, a cute bike cafe in Western Addition or NOPA? Anyone know the name of this place?

Living life as if I was on fire!

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