Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kelly Slater Wins 11th World Title at Rip Curl Pro San Francisco

This is not Kelly, but he sure is cute! Wed. Nov. 2, 2011 Ocean Beach, San Francisco for the Rip Curl Pro Somewhere in San Francisco surf comp.

Louisa Pickering Photos
A beautiful Morning at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Weather was beyond perfect with no wind and 76 degrees... was almost too hot!

Louisa Pickering Photos
Ran into my friend Art while walking to the Rip Curl Pro media tent and some of his buddies. One of his friends is one of my fav photographers Frankie Quirarte Check out his amazing photos of California coast, waves and ocean!

Here's a little video I put together of Kelly Slater and Daniel Ross at the Rip Curl Pro San Francisco 2011 - It's mostly of them getting out of the water, me high five'ing Daniel Ross, Kelly being carried to the stage and some Kelly Slater speech.

Here is a video of some very silly birds that are playing tag with the waves. I think they are called Sanderlings. This was at sunset at Ocean Beach at the far south end passed the parking lot.

Louisa's Pictures
Ran into some guys I ride road bikes with - Team Fusion Cycle Team - They stopped by to check out the Surfing event, then get their mtn biking on somewhere along the coast line. I was so sad I couldn't bike with them. Still recovering from a mtn bike crash from last week.

Louisa's Pictures
Surfer exiting the water and all the kids (and me) wanted to get a photo or a high five from these guys. They are amazing to watch and we had a great view - no need for binoculars

Louisa's  Pictures

The conditions were amazing for the Rip Curl Pro event directly across the street from Beach Chalet and Park Chalet - Everyone was here with a camera or video equipment to get some awesome surf footage

Louisa's Pictures
Carolina and George stopped by around 2 PM right as Kelly slater and D Ross went out for their Heat in the Rip Curl Pro Search. We were able to see both surfers very well, but couldn't get anything on my iPhone - they still do not have a zoom!!!

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