Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SantaCon in San Francisco

Santarchy and Santacon: History and officially the unofficial Site. The first SantaCon to hit San Francisco was in 1994!

SantaCon 2011 Pre-Party
Liquid breakfast

What is SantaCon?
"Santarchy is an annual city-wide Santas-only pub crawl. This flash mob-type event brings together hundreds of slightly sober people dressed in Santa costumes parading around the city, visiting landmarks (like walking down Lombard Street) drinking at bars and causing general mayhem." Read more>>

If you'd like, view my video on YouTube: SantaCon Polk Street San Francisco 2011
Above is a video of us walking down Polk Street for a SantaCon take-over. The whole north bound lane of Polk Street was filled with intoxicated Santa-men and Santa-women dancing, singing, and drinking. Any reason to dress-up, drink mid-day and have fun. It's a very fun loving event and we'd like to keep it that way. Leave your ego at home please.

If you'd like, view my video on YouTube: Erik's SantaCon to Civic Center SF 2011

Above is a video I put together from breakfast at Eric's. It's a per-SantaCon primer of food, drink and Santa gathering in the Mission. At 12:30, well lubed up, we then jumped on the BART and headed downtown to the Civic Center. There we met up with about 5000 other Santa's and partied at SF City Hall. I believe it was about 3:30 when we left and hit Polk Street. It was a sunny day, but things got foggy in the late afternoon.

SantaCon 2011 Pre-Party
Outside the Ha-Ra, a divine dive bar on our way from Civic Center to The Polk Gulch. Here is a quote from a review I just read about the bar, "...THANKFULLY NOT OVERRUN BY YUPPIES TRYING TO SLUM". Ha!

SantaCon 2011 Pre-Party
SantaCon Girls - typical outfits for the SantaCon event. Dress fun, wear flat shoes and bring cash. Most dive bars only take cash and the ATM fees are pricey.

Halloween Wild About Christmas Adult Costume (Google Affiliate Ad)

SantaCon 2011 Pre-Party
Friends getting ready at 9:30AM at the Breakfast of Santa's. Breakfast lasted until 12:30 when we left Erik's casa and ventured on to BART to hit up Civic Center.

2012 San Francisco SantaCon is on Saturday, December 15th, 2012. Check back at Facebook SF SantaCon for more info.

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