Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl's Waterfall Run

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl Jan 2012
When there is no snow in Lake Tahoe for over 40 days and no snow in the 15 day forecast, what should you do? Don't sit at home on the couch watching ski porn and reading blogs about how this is the driest winter since 1879. (I'm addicted to Miles' post and Unofficial Squaw). However, doing the snow dance and weekly sacrifices might help in these exceptional times.

OR go climb a rock. In this case a frozen waterfall at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in Northern California. Call up Alpine Skills International (ASI) for rates and scheduling - these guys are the real deal. Ask for Bela.

We drove up on a Tuesday, got our gear, skied up two lifts, short ski and side step to a flat area where we left our ski gear. From there we hiked about 15 minutes up to the base of the frozen waterfall.

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl Jan 2012
We put on our crampons and climbing harness - all the gear was supplied by ASI.

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl Jan 2012
Ice Axes - I use these all the time at home ;-)

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl Jan 2012
Top rope climbing on IW2 fall - Super fun for a beginner climber like myself.

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl Jan 2012
What a beautiful day to be at Sugar Bowl - I normal ski Squaw Valley, but today I rekindled my love for this mountain.

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl Jan 2012
My turn to give it a go. This is my second time climbing. First time was in Switzerland in June of 2011.

Ice Climbing Sugar Bowl Jan 2012
Father and son team, Bela is a great instructor. Can't wait to go again, but I hope we get some snow soon!!!

Thanks to Miles Clark at Unofficial Squaw

Check this out:
-- Alpine Skills International
-- SF Try Ice Climbing at Sugar Bowl

My YouTube attempt at climbing. Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!

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