Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ski and Paraglide Schiltgrat Mürren

Taking the gondola up from Stechelberg with a fast transfer in Gimmelwald to the last exit at Murren. The wooden things in the snow are avalanche control tripods - they line the area to control snow fall. While in the Lauterbrunnen valley, I was lucky to see three natural avalanches. I guess it's common in the area and no one really made notice. The avalanches were very loud and exciting to see live!

Also out the gondola window, you can see BASE jumpers flying down the cliffs into the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It's a beautiful sport and I wish to try it some day... someday.

Denise and I on the gondola and lucky it wasn't that packed today - Tuesday. It was much, much warmer on this side of the mountains than that in Grinderwald. If you do not like the cold, come to this side of the mountains and stay warm in the sunshine. We had sunshine until 3:50 on this day.

Ski lift names - Gimmeln, Schiltgrat, Murren

I don't recall the name of this Après-Ski Bar, but it was right off the Schiltgrat lift. You could sit, enjoy something to drink or eat, and watch the paraglider's running and jumping off the mountain.

Just look at all that snow!!!

Guys paragliding in front of our apres ski bar - see video above

Not sure what this is called, but it could be Skiing+Paragliding or Ski-Gliding, or Speed Flying and Speed Riding? I've also heard Speed flying is when you para-glide and ski at the same time. I could see some guys and gals flying and skiing from the top of Schilthorn Ski Resort down the mountain and flying by us, then skiing again. It looks really fun and scary at the same time.

Afterwards we stopped in Lauterbrunnen Valley at AirTime Cafe for their famous soup, carrot cake and a large coffee. If you are in the are, stop by and say hello to Danielle (owner). This is was a big sky dive, BASE jump hang-out with free WiFi with purchase of something to drink or eat, computers, books, laundry facilities, and art for sale.

Mürren - Schilthorn Ski Resort

The Three Tells - 2 for 1 fish and chip night
For dinner Denise and I went into Interlaken to have something warm and cheap to eat. We found an Irish pub called The Three Tells about a block from Balmers Interlaken Hostel. Tuesday nights is their 2 for 1 fish & chips deal. The fish was perfect; not too much batter and lots of yummy white fish on top of perfectly fried chips.  Total for two 18 CHF  

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