Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roasted Pineapple Ginger Black Cod Fillet On A Tuesday Night

Roasted pineapple and ginger  Black Cod (sable fish) with Kale carrot side and brown rice
On my lovely cracked Italian ceramic square dish, I present to you: Roasted pineapple ginger black cod with saute kale salad and a side of brown rice. Boun appitito a tutti!!

We finally got some much needed snow in the Sierra Nevada / Lake Tahoe mountains the last couple of days and it's been really cold here in San Francisco as well. Brrr! What to do on a cold Tuesday night. Cook some damn good fish.

Roasted Sable Fish / Black Cod with ginger and pineapple
Roasted Pineapple Ginger Black Cod Fish on a mid winter night.

With so many of us getting colds or getting sick, adding ginger to our daily diet is a great way to boost the immune system naturally and fight those evil germs and colds.

what you will need for the Black Cod Sable Fish

What you will need:

-- 1/2 pound of the Black Cod (Sable) fillet, wild; $24.00 a pound at Whole Foods
-- Fresh whole pineapple organic
-- Ginger organic
-- Olive Oil


-- Staub Rouge Oval Gratin Dish
-- Potato peeler for the ginger
-- Sharp hollow ground knife or santoku (Zwilling J.A. Henckels or Wusthof)
-- Pineapple Corer or slicer (I do not have one)
-- Pre-heat the oven to about 350 degrees

Cutting Pineapple
Cut the fresh, whole pineapple.

With a knife, cut the top and bottom off the pineapple. Then cut the sink off the sides. If you have a pineapple corer, use that to get the hard core out of the center of the pineapple. If you don't have one, no worries. Use your knife to cut around the core. By the way, you can eat the core of a pineapple. It's a little hard, but perfectly good to eat.

Snack on the pineapple as you continue to cook, I do. There are lots of health benefits from eating pineapple... such as anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.

Cutting Pineapple
Cut the pineapple into bit size 1/4 inch thick pieces.  I use my Thai soup take-away container to store the unused pieces of pineapple.

Staub - Rouge Oval Gratin Dish 28cm with pineapple
In my Staub oval gratin dish, I drizzle a small amount of olive oil to start. Then, cover the bottom of the dish with the 1/4 inch thick pineapple. This doesn't have to be/look perfect, but you want the bottom of the dish completely covered.

Use a potato peeler to peel the skin off the ginger. Slice the ginger into thin pieces and place on top of the black cod.  I use about one tablespoon of ginger (that is a guess) or enough to sprinkle on top of the fillet. If you love the flavor of ginger, place some under the fish with the pineapple and let the flavors mix.

Black Cod on top of pineapple with some ginger on top
Black Cod, Sablefish or Alaska Black Cod is known for contain up to 50percent more Omega 3 fats (EPA and DHA) than salmon. I've read that it's also referred to as 'butterfish' - just like butter baby! This site is full of awesome information:

Place the cod on top of the sliced pineapple and add the ginger atop the cod.

Roasted Sable Fish / Black Cod with ginger and pineapple
Depending on your oven, cook the cod for about 30 minutes on 350/375 or until the ginger looks toasted. I cooked my fish well-done and it was still 'melt in your mouth' buttery.

The messes I make along the way
You can make a couple of side dishes while waiting on the fish to cook. Tonight I was in the mood for a cup of brown rice and sauted kale with carrot and kalamata olives.

Roasted Black Cod (sable fish) with Kale carrot side and brown rice lovely cracked Italian ceramic square dish. How I love you!

How to make the Saute Kale next week!

I'm off to ski Squaw in some powder!!! Yay for snow!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Old Coffee Machine is now at the SFMOMA - Braun and Dieter Rams

Braun Coffee maker - I had this one for about 15 years!!!!
When I moved in to my flat on Telegraph Hill, I was given 'hand-me-downs' by family members to help me out with household items I needed and couldn't really purchase at the time. I received this coffee machine from my cousin in Menlo Park, CA. She didn't want it. I needed it. Now the same model coffee machine is on display at the SFMOMA. Crazy! I ended up putting it curbside in 2007 when I went full on French Press.

Coffee Machine
Here is a little information about the Bruan Coffee Machine I used for years. Thank you designer Hartwig Kahlcke.

Vintage HiFi by Braun at the MOMA
Dieter Rams, Braun phonosuper (SK 4), 1956; design: Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams

This was one of the highlights at the museum - I love design and consumer products. It was fun to look at all the stuff we once used or thought was high-tech, HiFi

HiFi System Braun
Radio-Phono combination: this description attached to above photo

Braun Hair Dryers at the SF MOMA
Dieter Rams, Braun hair dryer (HLD 4), 1970; design: Dieter Rams
These are totally awesome and in three colours.

"Braun Beauty Case"

Hair dyer - braun
The 1970 Braun Hair dryer model HLD4

Braun Camera's Video
Vintage video camera's by Braun at the SF MOMA 2012

Braun Tape Player
Braun Tape Player and what I think is a radio - I don't have any information on this product. If you do, please comment. Do People have TAPES anymore?

HiFi System Braun
OK I do have information on the above photo: It's a Mobiles HiFi System or a Portable Hi-Fi Audio Unit made between 1976/1977 - Designed by Dieter Rams

vintage stereo on the wall - Braun Product Less and More
What's on your wall? Talk about streamline and so 1970ies!

Dieter Rams at SF Moma
He seems really cool! Thank You Dieter Rams for all your work, products and passion for Less and More!

Dieter Rams - Good Design
Do you know the ten Principals of Good Design? There will be a test!

Helpful Information for San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:

151 Third Street (between Mission + Howard)
San Francisco CA 94103

First Tuesday of each month is FREE

Website: SFMOMA

Monday, February 6, 2012

Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon Cooked in Staub Dutch Oven

Place the Chicken on the carrots and veggies to keep way from the fat
Roasted Chicken with rosemary, butter and lemon. One pot cooking with a Staub dutch oven (9qt). Very easy to make and your home will smell like a French restaurant after a few hours of cooking.

Hands down, I prefer Staub over the more expensive Le Creuset when it comes to my enameled cast-iron cooking vessel. Staub, a traditional French design, is a hand-finished round dutch oven ideal for stews, soups, roasts and braises. This Dutch oven distributes and retains heat evenly and effectively and requires no seasoning.

Another superior feature of Staub is their self-basting lid. The spikes on the lid distribute juices throughout cooking, so food stays moist and flavorful. Durable matte-enamel finish won’t discolor (like Le Creuset), rust or chip. Ceramic base is suitable for all heat sources, including induction.

Lunch is ready - cooking with my Staub

Right out of the oven and ready to eat just 2.5 hours later.

this is all you need for the roast chicken

Start with veggies

-- 3 Red and white potatoes
-- 4 shallots
-- 6 large carrots
-- butter
-- Salt and pepper
-- couple sticks of rosemary
-- whole chicken (organic)

-- Staub Dutch oven
-- paring Knife
-- Pre-heat oven to 350

What you will need to make the chicken... not much

Wash the organic chicken well and remove the mysterious little plastic baggie filled with giblets; liver, heart, gizzards and the neck from inside the chicken. Dry the outside of the chicken. Once dry, use a paring knife to cut the skin away from the chicken meat. The knife should be very sharp.

After cutting the skin away from the meat, stuff with butter, rosemary and lemon

Push the rosemary and lemon under the chicken skin - also use some butter. At this point, start to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Chicken is stuffed under the skin with butter, rosemary, lemon, salt and pepper

Place chicken aside and now fill the Staub Dutch oven with the clean veggies

Layer the bottom of the Staub Oven with carrots

Carrots first - I do not cut them since they keep the chicken above the fat.

after layering carrots, add shallots, potatoes

After carrots, add the chopped shallots, chopped potatoes, and some salt and pepper

Place the Chicken on the carrots and veggies to keep way from the fat

Place chicken on the veggies and drizzle with lemon and butter.

My beautiful 9qt Staub Dutch Oven

Cover and cook at 350 degrees for two or three hours. I check the chicken after two hours to make sure it's OK. "Hello... You OK in there?"

After cooking for 3 hours

Done! Remove or drain the drippings and fat from the Staub oven. What's great about this Dutch oven is it can go from oven directly to table.  But, be careful when handling as it's hot and very heavy.   After the Dutch oven has cooled off, it can now go from table to refrigerator.

Day 2 Leftovers
Roasted Chicken Warm Spinach Salad with Lemon

Re-heating chicken in my All-Clad 10inch fry pan

Re-heat the chicken, carrots and potatoes in a 10 inch All-Chald fry pan.

Chicken Spinach Lunch - Cooking with my Staub Dutch oven

Place the warm chicken, carrots and potatoes on the fresh bed of spinach. Drizzle with lemon, pepper and olive oil.

Day 3 Leftovers
Chicken Frittata with Spinach, potatoes and carrots

Grains and Frittata for Lunch

I really love this dish. It's great warm, room temp or cold. I've added some Sriracha sauce and a side of cooked barley. I wish I never met you Sriracha sauce! I love you on everything. It adds just the right amount of heat to any dish without over powering flavor.

Check out how I made the Frittata! You'll love it!

Buon Appetito!

Chicken Frittata with Spinach, Potatoes and Carrots

Chicken Frittata

After roasting a chicken in my Staub oven, I had more chicken leftovers than I knew what to do with...leftovers for days. What to do? What would my mom do? Yep...Baked Chicken Frittata with spinach, carrots, and potatoes. Problem solved.

Grains and Frittata for Lunch

The frittata is good right out of the oven, room temperature or cold. You can add a side dish such as cooked barley or a side salad. It's very healthy and a 'one pan' dish which makes for easy clean up.

What you will need for the Frittata

What you will need:
-- Eggs (about 4 to 6)
-- Cooked Chicken
-- Cooked Potatoes
-- Carrots (cooked or raw)
-- Grated parmigiano cheese (about two handfuls)
-- Raw spinach
-- Salt and pepper

-- Cast Iron Skillet with cover

mixing it up
Beat the eggs and start to add each ingredient one at a time.

Mixing it all up Chicken Frittata
I add one ingredient and mix. If the mix looks a little dry, break another egg and keep mixing. It's better to have too many eggs than not enough. It will be too dry with too little egg.

Add spinach, cheese and chicken to the eggs
Add spinach! This mix is too dry. I need to add two more eggs at this point. Break eggs into the dish and mix well

all mixed up - Chicken Frittata
This is perfect! Eggs, chicken, potatoes, spinach, cheese, carrots and salt and pepper all ready to go!

Cast Iron Pan and butter
Before dumping the frittata mix in the iron skillet, heat the skillet up a little and melt butter. Turn off heat once butter starts to melt. Use paper towel to butter the side of the skillet.

Chicken Frittata - ready for the oven
Dump it!

Time for the oven - Chicken Frittata
Cover it and throw it in the oven (remember to pre-heat to 350)

While baking, time to clean
What to do while you are waiting the next 40 minutes... clean up and start your barley or side salad.

Chicken Frittata
Don't over cook! Don't under cook! Side should be lightly brown and middle firm.

Grains and Frittata for Lunch
Enjoy this dish for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. I've added some Sriracha sauce to this chicken frittata! It adds a perfect amount of heat to a dish without overwhelming amounts of flavors.