Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Old Coffee Machine is now at the SFMOMA - Braun and Dieter Rams

Braun Coffee maker - I had this one for about 15 years!!!!
When I moved in to my flat on Telegraph Hill, I was given 'hand-me-downs' by family members to help me out with household items I needed and couldn't really purchase at the time. I received this coffee machine from my cousin in Menlo Park, CA. She didn't want it. I needed it. Now the same model coffee machine is on display at the SFMOMA. Crazy! I ended up putting it curbside in 2007 when I went full on French Press.

Coffee Machine
Here is a little information about the Bruan Coffee Machine I used for years. Thank you designer Hartwig Kahlcke.

Vintage HiFi by Braun at the MOMA
Dieter Rams, Braun phonosuper (SK 4), 1956; design: Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams

This was one of the highlights at the museum - I love design and consumer products. It was fun to look at all the stuff we once used or thought was high-tech, HiFi

HiFi System Braun
Radio-Phono combination: this description attached to above photo

Braun Hair Dryers at the SF MOMA
Dieter Rams, Braun hair dryer (HLD 4), 1970; design: Dieter Rams
These are totally awesome and in three colours.

"Braun Beauty Case"

Hair dyer - braun
The 1970 Braun Hair dryer model HLD4

Braun Camera's Video
Vintage video camera's by Braun at the SF MOMA 2012

Braun Tape Player
Braun Tape Player and what I think is a radio - I don't have any information on this product. If you do, please comment. Do People have TAPES anymore?

HiFi System Braun
OK I do have information on the above photo: It's a Mobiles HiFi System or a Portable Hi-Fi Audio Unit made between 1976/1977 - Designed by Dieter Rams

vintage stereo on the wall - Braun Product Less and More
What's on your wall? Talk about streamline and so 1970ies!

Dieter Rams at SF Moma
He seems really cool! Thank You Dieter Rams for all your work, products and passion for Less and More!

Dieter Rams - Good Design
Do you know the ten Principals of Good Design? There will be a test!

Helpful Information for San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:

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San Francisco CA 94103

First Tuesday of each month is FREE

Website: SFMOMA

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