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Air Canada Flight 878 Toronto to Zurich Jan 14, 2012

On Jan. 13, 2011 I left Toronto Canada on Flight 898 Air Canada for Zurich. I almost didn't make it there due to Pilot fatigue. Here is a interview of passages and a reenactment of the nosedive. I've very lucky to be alive today to tell this story. We all are, even the pilot. There needs to be improvements to their regulations and update their safety procedures.

Air Canada lost my luggage for 3 days, didn't give me my FF Miles, and items were missing out of my checked luggage. I'm still waiting for my miles to credit to my account and I've not received proper paper work back for my injury.

The flight staff / cabin crew were amazing and professional during the event.  One cabin crew member, a woman I can't remember her name, was injured and continued to help others while she herself was bleeding. She said she never experienced anything like that in her 18 plus years of flying. We were all crying at first, then asking everyone if they were OK, then we sat for a while.  The said woman gave me ice for the pain I was experiencing on my head. After 45 minutes or more, I'm not sure since we were all in shock, I took out the phone. Time seems to move slowly.

Damage to airplane after nosedive. Very empty flight with one person per seating area.

Woman's body hit the ceiling and damaged the plane after nosedive. I also hit the ceiling and fell on my side into the aisle. After looking at my notes from my doctor: Minor head trauma with immediate symptoms of nausea, headache, pain, dizziness, and ringing in ears. Whiplashed neck from hitting ceiling. Sprained wrist and hematoma on side of body and arm. Went to family doctor in Interlaken.

Damage inside the plane. Photo taken with iPhone maybe 45 minutes after pilot error and dive.

Wake-Up Call?
April 16, 2012News
According to the TSB, a harrowing Air Canada flight was caused by an error by one of the pilots after he woke up from a mid-flight nap. Frédéric Zalac reports.

Tired pilot caused Air Canada mid-flight dive
Passengers thrown from seats as Toronto-to-Zurich flight bucked wildly in January 2011


LouLouSFO Video
Canada Air flight AC-878 Toronto to Zurich Turbulence & Injuries

Air Canada Boeing 767 -300, registration C-GHLQ performing flight AC-878 from Toronto,ON (Canada) to Zurich (Switzerland), was enroute at FL350 overhead the Atlantic at approximately N55 W30 about 740nm west of Shannon (Ireland) at 07:00Z about 3 hours prior to landing in Zurich when the aircraft encountered clear air turbulence causing minor injuries to 10 passengers and 2 cabin crew. The aircraft continued to Zurich for a safe landing. One of the injured was taken off the aircraft on a stretcher, the other injured walked off the aircraft and were treated at the airport. 7 people were taken to local hospitals for further examination.

Medical services reported the injured received bruises and injuries to the shoulders.

Air Canada reported the airplane encountered severe turbulence, at Fl350 at approximately N55 W30. The turbulence caused deviations from assigned flight level by +/- 300 feet. 10 passengers and 2 cabin crew received injuries from bumps to cuts.