Monday, January 28, 2013

Butternut Squash Ravioli With Walnut Sage Butter Sauce

ButterNut Squash Ravioli in walnut, Sage Butter

Homemade Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli with a Walnut Sage Butter and Mascarpone Sauce. These ravioli are vegetarian.

ButterNut Squash Ravioli in walnut, Sage Butter

I love eating gourd in the winter. Did you know that squash is a gourd and a fruit! It's a fruit because it contains seeds. Butternut squash is also rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. Cool, right?

Sage, commonly drunk as a tea, is good for the nerves, digestive system and for balancing estrogen levels in women.

Walnuts! Approximately 90 percent of the phenols in walnuts are found in the skin, including key phenolic acids, tannins, and flavonoids. Keep the skin on.

Thyme essential oil, which is obtained from its leaves, is often used as a natural cough remedy.

ButterNut Squash Ravioli in walnut, Sage Butter

A little piece of thyme was left on my chopping board when I was rolling out the pasta dough and it's now part of a ravioli. I think it adds some charm to the pasta!

Ingredients for ravioli filling:

- 1 whole large butternut squash
- 6 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves removed from stems
- 1/4 cup mascarpone
- pinch of salt

Ingredients for the pasta: See recipe for Ravioli Pasta

1 1/2 cups Farina di Semolina flour
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
6 large free range eggs
1 pinch of Salt

Ingredients for the Sage Walnut Sauce:

- 5 fresh sage leaves
- handful walnuts
- tablespoon of raw, organic, or grass-fed butter
- spoonful of mascarpone

ButterNut Squash Ravioli in walnut, Sage Butter

I left the skin on the butternut squash to add more fiber. You can peel the it off first, then cut squash into slices. Remove the seeds after you slice the squash.

Place the squash slices on a cookie sheet and roast for one hour. I put a little olive oil on squash to prevent it from sicking to the foil.

ButterNut Squash Ravioli in walnut, Sage Butter

These are ready for mashing. Add a little salt and mash away. The skin is a little tough. If you left the skin on the squash,  you might need to cut it up before mashing.  At this point you can eat them right out of the oven - butternut squash baked fries!


Add 1/4 cup mascarpone, minced thyme and mashed butternut squash in a bowl


Add a dollop of mix on your fresh ravioli pasta. With water wet the edge of this circle, then place another circle on top and squeeze edges together.


To finish off the ravioli, use a fork to press the edges together.  Finished Ravioli! Let them rest for about 30 minutes before boiling.


Now it's time to make the sauce. Add minced sage, chopped walnuts and butter to a small fry pan and cook on low-medium heat for 1 minute. Do not let the butter burn.


Add a dollop or about a spoonful of mascarpone and stir for another minute.

ButterNut Squash Ravioli in walnut, Sage Butter

After boiling the ravioli for 2.5 minutes (al dente) 3.5 well done, remove from water. Mix sauce and ravioli together and eat!

ButterNut Squash Ravioli in walnut, Sage Butter

Buon appetito! 


Dave Westall said...

Beautiful meal you prepared, love your photos! I am so hungry right meow!

Louisa Pickering said...

Thanks Dave! I'll
Bring some next time I'm at Ski Ducks!