Monday, August 12, 2013

Le Bar Jean Restaurant Biarritz, France


Located in the heart of Biarritz Market Hall or Les Halles de Biarritz, the Bar Jean or Le Bar Jean (English website) has been an iconic institution since the 1930ies.

With a very lively happy hour and warm Spanish atmosphere, this is the spot to be on a warm summer afternoon or after work.

It's packed so make reservations or take your time while you wait for standing space at the bar. While you are waiting, enjoy one of the many Basque wines. If you don't want wine, there is a large bowl of red sangria on the bar and a great selection of basque pintxos. I filled up on the pintxos, but still had room for a few shared dishes.

"Eating well is an art of living"

Their tapas are fresh, organic, and ingredients are from local producers/farmers. Pick up an empty plate, fill it with pintxos of your choice, then pay and find a seat or stand at the bar.


One of my favorite and highly recommended dishes: Homemade squid fritters. My friend and I were sat at a communal table next to a very friendly French/American family. We had a lovely conversation about food, travel and cycling.


After dinner we went to le comptoir du foie gras for drinks and a very lively street party. A must go for a drink and social time after eating well.

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